Our Story




Youngest child of a Master Carpenter whose family trade goes back countless generations, she took to the craft even though her father did not encourage it – we all want better lives for our children.  But she persisted and learned well under his strict tutelage.  Practical furniture, beautiful artwork, constructing and repairing buildings, handy household items and so much more.


She did go onto “better” things.  In the Air Force, she was introduced to the first “computer” and found a great aptitude for logic, calculation and problem solving.  Eventually, she started her own custom software business leading to accomplishments in programming with global industries that exceed even her own perennial optimism.


But carpentry was in her blood.  She would pick up the craft periodically and when downturns hit the economy, she returned to the trusty trade, honing and increasing her skills.  Producing furniture that was well built and practical, but also attractive, (what else? ),  even trying her hand a guitar building (a special gift for her wife), she was conscientious about quality, but always kept an eye beauty. She accumulated tools and ended up taking over the whole basement of her family’s home.




Growing up with a father who fancied himself a handyman. Years later she realized he was actually rather inept at mechanical things, but he motivated her to learn more about basic tools and home repairs than most girls of her generation.  Her passion, shaped by both her parents, was in helping those less fortunate and improving societal conditions that maintain inequities.  Her career spanned many spheres: workforce training, parent education, full-time Mom for 10 years, community volunteer, museum education (science, history and art), fundraising, health education, and non-profit management and board service.


Not a woodworker, rather a tree hugger.


Allison and Debbie met in 2008 and Allison, seeing that they brought complementary skills together,  invited Debbie to become a business partner



So how did Woodlands Woodworks come to be?


When Debbie wanted to put solar panels on her house, Allison took on the task of cutting 2 large branches off the maple tree in front of the house, as well as cutting down 2 gum trees (one diseased).   


Several weeks later, a friend, hearing about these modest tree removal accomplishments, asked Allison if she knew of someone who could cut down an ancient oak on her rural Pennsylvania property that had been killed by a lightning strike 8 years before. Standing right next to the driveway, she feared it would fall and block access to the house. Several tree services had declined the job. Allison knew of no one, but being a friend, she sensibly   finally acquiesced to look at the tree, without making any promises.


The first trip to the farm lead to




After assessing the remains of tree, only stumps of the largest branches remained atop the huge trunk, Allison decided she might like to take up the challenge.  A deal was struck.  The friend offered to pay for all the tools needed, which would belong to Allison.