Black Willow Tree

Princeton, NJ

In July 2017 we were excited to be offered the opportunity to harvest a very large willow tree that had been damaged by a storm in Cape May County New Jersey.  During a vicious wind storm the tree was knocked over, landing on the house and deck on the property.  Amazingly tall for a willow the top landed on the other side of the house.  This tree was judged to be about 150 years old. The tree was still growing and was wonderfully full of vibrant woods that could be utilized in woodworking instead of sent to the wood chippers. Birds and squirrels still made their homes in it, even a possum took up residence. Unfortunately that beautiful tree was damaging the house and had to come down.  That’s when Woodlands Woodworks arrived.  Carefully removing the trunk parts from the roof, deck and side  yards, they cleaned up the area so it was now safe to walk around the house.  The final piece was to remove the part of the trunk still standing. With precision and accuracy the ladies of Woodlands Woodworks took down the trunk, landing it exactly where they wanted it to go. 

The Black Willow Tree Drop


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