Office Products

Woodlands Woodworks is proud to supply some of the most exquisite articles for an office that are available.  From custom made exotic wood pens to small pencil holders, our products are second to none. Always handcrafted to provide the highest quality we are delighted as individuals all over are utilizing our products.

Cocobola Silver Gold

This Cocobola Silver and Gold Cigar was a huge hit for the owner. The nice weight of this pen made writing a pleasure.

Burl Silver and Black

This Burl Silver and Black Cigar pen provided the owner with an excellent writing instrument out of custom exotic wood. Tapered to provide for a larger hand, this pen had a nice weight and feel.

Fountain Pens

Using a state of the art Fountain Pen is the mark of a well established writer who enjoys the ease of the pen. Made from Cocobola, this pen is a remarkable writing instrument.


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